Terms & Conditions


1. Domain Sales

All domain names featured on Shortdomains are either owned directly by Creatives or registered on their behalf by Shortdomains. When you buy a domain name from Shortdomains and pay using one of Shortdomains’ authorized payment providers, you are paying for the domain name. This includes the sole right to use the domain name for as long as it is registered and in good standing with your registrar. Shortdomains may also supply logo design connected with the domain in specific situations. The domain does not include any hosting, site content, or other rights.

The domain name will be transferred to you at the current registrar upon successful purchase and verification of such a purchase. You may maintain the domain registered with its existing registrar or, if authorized, transfer it to another registrar of your choice. It will be your exclusive duty to ensuring that your domain is correctly registered and that your registration with your registrar is in good standing. You will be needed to pay yearly renewal costs directly to the registrar with whom you have registered the domain name. Registration prices vary by registrar but are typically between $10 and $20 USD each year, and it is your exclusive obligation as the new domain owner to maintain the registration active.

1.1 Refund Policy For Domains

If the following requirements are satisfied, you are entitled to a refund for domains purchased in full:

  • You request a refund within 48 hours of purchasing.
  • We have not yet started the domain transfer process for you.

Refunds are subject to a 5% cancellation charge to compensate our payment gateway and transaction processing costs.

If Shortdomains is unable to transfer the domain to your ownership for any reason, you will be entitled to a full refund of your purchase price. The 5% cancellation charge will not apply in this scenario.

Important: You are not entitled for a refund after the domain transfer has begun or after 48 hours of purchasing your domain (whichever happens first).

For domains purchased via installment plans, no refund is offered on installments already paid. However you are allowed to cancel your future pending installment payments. If you cancel your future installment payments, the domain will not be transferred to you, and it will be listed back for sale in Shortdomains marketplace.

1.2 Verification of Sales

A domain name purchase is not considered finalized until Shortdomains has validated and accepted the order. All domain name transactions are subject to a final review and sales verification to confirm that the domain(s) under consideration are: A.) really available for purchase, and B.) there are no concerns that would block the sale of each domain. While all purchases are normally accepted and transmitted as soon as money is received, a sales receipt or email notification does not finalize the transaction. If circumstances prevent Shortdomains from completing the delivery of a domain to the customer, all costs will be reimbursed in full.

In some cases, Shortdomains may need further verification from the purchaser. If the buyer fails to provide the extra information required for order verification, the transaction will be cancelled and a refund granted. A transaction will not be deemed complete until both the order and the domain have been securely transferred to the buyer.

1.3 Legal Rights

Shortdomains is not liable for assessing if the domain name(s) for sale violate the legal rights of others. It is solely the buyer’s obligation to investigate whether the purchase and usage of a domain would infringe on the legal rights of other businesses and persons, including but not limited to trademark and/or intellectual property rights.